The Hell Divers Series: Book 1

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The Hell Divers Series: Book 2


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The Hell Divers Series: Book 3


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The Hell Divers Series: Book 4


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The Hell Divers Series: Book 5


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The Hell Divers Series: Book 6


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The Hell Divers Series: Book 7


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The Hell Divers Series: Book 8

King of the Wastes

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The Hell Divers Series

A Postapocalyptic Earth

Two hundred and fifty years after World War III went nuclear, the surface of the planet is still uninhabitable. Devastating weapons left behind a barren, radioactive wasteland. Electrical storms block out the sun, and cities have been reclaimed by nature. No one remembers how the war started, or why, but the survivors living in the sky have seen the aftermath and know the truth—there’s no returning to the surface any time soon.

“If this was turned into a movie, I’d be there on opening night.” — Scott Sigler, New York Timesbestselling author

The Airships

What remains of humankind exists on two massive flying airships: the Hive and Ares. The ships circle the globe, the crews tirelessly searching for areas to raid on the ground and holding out hope that someday they will find a habitable place to set down.

Betrayal and sacrifice in the skies…

On the Hive, there is tension among the lower decks, where the passengers face starvation and disease. A militia is tasked with keeping order, but growing unrest threatens the fragile peace.

The Hell Divers

They dive so humanity survives…

Hell Divers are the courageous few that accept the dangerous duty of sky diving to the surface, where they search for the parts essential to keeping their floating homes in the air. After diving twenty thousand feet through electrical storms, they face further danger as they navigate the deadly ruins of civilization, in order to save what’s left of humanity and recover fuel so desperately needed by the airships.

The surface is a deadly place, but the Hell Divers think they are trained for anything—until they encounter a threat no one has survived to describe. In a race against time, the Hell Diver teams must fight their way across the surface and uncover mysteries from the past. The very future of the human race will depend on their bravery.

“I couldn’t stop reading.” — Orson Scott Card, New York Times bestselling author

“Put on your helmet, you’re about to dive into the apocalypse in the award winning and bestselling Hell Divers saga…”

  • New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Series
  • 2016 Indie Forward Review Gold Winner for best Science Fiction
  • 2016 Audible Science Fiction Best of 2016
  • Audible Editor’s Pick

Thrilling audiobooks brought to life by legendary narrator R.C. Bray!

“R.C. Bray plays his voice as if it were a musical instrument…He embraces the book and allows the book and its characters to shine. It is riveting!” — AudioBook Reviewer

Editorial Reviews


“An exciting new take on the end of the world and a thrilling race to survive…Sure to delight fans of survival and postapocalyptic thrillers.”
A. G. Riddle, bestselling author of The Atlantis Gene
“Relentless action and danger in a gritty postapocalyptic world where survival depends on a few brave men and women. Hell Divers is one hell of a page turner!”
Bob Mayer, New York Times bestselling author of the Area 51 series
“An action-packed page-turner. All humanity’s hope for survival rests on the shoulders of a handful of daring men and women. The odds are stacked against them, but they have no choice but to try. You won’t be able to put this book down until the last searing page. And then you’ll want the next book.”
Mike Shepherd, New York Times bestselling author of the Kris Longknife series
“Literally skydiving into the apocalypse, Hell Divers delivers more of Smith’s trademark breakneck action and suspense. Amazing settings, great characters, the end of the world shouldn’t be this much fun!”
Matthew Mather, bestselling author of CyberStorm
“X marks the spot in Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s Hell Divers, a cross between Waterworld and Snowpiercer…but with monsters and airships. It’s a terrific blend of high-concept and wild action, all tied together with tough-as-nails characters that you care for as they face impossible odds. A must for fans of smart post apocalyptic storytelling.”
Sam Sisavath, bestselling author of the Purge of Babylon series
“Once again, Nicholas Sansbury Smith dominates the post-apocalyptic genre with this riveting, nail-biting adventure that will grip you from the first chapter.”
E.E. Giorgi, author of Gene Cards
“I love it! The whole book was awesome and I have a huge book hangover right now!…It was creative and intense and there was never a dull moment. I got so wrapped up in the story I felt like I was immersed in this whole other world for a little while…If you like post-apocalyptic stories, you should definitely give this one a try!”
Hooked on Books
“Hell Divers is an engaging story that holds one’s attention from start to finish and will certainly satisfy the readers’ need for adventure in a postapocalyptic scenario. The kind of book that can keep you awake till the small hours.”
Space and Sorcery
“Military SF readers and fans of The Last Ship will find enjoyment in familiar ground.
Publishers Weekly 
“In Hell Divers, Nicholas Sansbury Smith unleashes post-apocalyptic science-fiction with the pacing of a thriller. He achieves his world-building succinctly, and moves from thrills to chills without the story becoming a mere catalogue of violence, along with tender moments that round out the characters. Hell Divers offers genre fans everything they could ask for, from fresh takes on the post-apocalypse to social commentary reminiscent of Snowpiercer, and plenty of action. The book’s swift, tight plotting will also appeal to thriller fans, with a cliffhanger ending that leaves readers suspended mid-air for the rest of a promised trilogy.”
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