Squad 19


Sasa is a young immigrant who has been left for dead outside the safety of the Tisaian steel walls. It is only by a dash of luck the rebels find her and bring her back to Camp Salvation in the middle of the Wastelands. She is put to work as a technician, working to purify the camp’s water, but more than anything she wants to fight.

Obi Hepe is the commander of Squad 19, the infamous arm of the rebellion. After surviving a ravenous dust storm, he is faced with a tough decision–train Sasa to fight and risk seeing her killed like so many others, or force her to work in a job she hates with no incentive. With the Royal Knights hunting his soldiers into the Wastelands Obi realizes he may not have a choice as he is going to need every gun he can get in a final battle for Camp Salvation.

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